• Fierastrau circular de retezat UKS 700

    Formular cerere oferta
Model UKS 700 / 1000
Date tehnice
Saw blade diameter 700 mm
Overall electrical input 11 kW
Connection 3 x 380V / 50Hz
Air connection 8 bar (0,8 Mpa)
Air consumption 400 l/min. (depends on number of the cuts and the presence of ejector)
Weight about 1500 kg
Extraction 2 x 120 mm – 30 m/s
The cross cut saw UKS 700 Automat is designed to cut square beams, building timber, prisms or sharply cut boards which need large cutting diagram. Further usage is for cutting prisms in palette production or prisms ends processing.
It was designed to replace heavy physical work and to exclude the error rate of operators and was able to quick change of shortened lengths and at the same time could handle a wide range of input lengths.
All this together brings great material saving, time saving on processing units and last but not at least far easier and safer work for the operator.
Of course there are security features that ensure security of work on the rip saw. The machine fulfils the strictest demands on security of work follows from relevant EC regulations and directives.

Feeding device

– for input timber of length according to the customer’s request (3,2 m – 7,2 m)
input table with rollers
– AC servo drive unit – high precision, long service life, – minimum noise
– linear feed of the travel carriage integrated on the solid closed profile
– continuous feed speed control from 0 to 90 m/min.
– start of the loader feed – food pedal, two-handed driver (when opening the cover in the space of cut)
– sufficient performance of the feeder for heavy sections
possibility of processing material in the packet
– measurement of the length of components
– length combination of cut controlled according to the selected program
– lateral tilt of the input table 8°
– solid and durable construction for the work in hard conditions
– saw blade 700 mm
– engine power 11 kW
– speed of the tool movement to the cut is continuously adjustable with hydro-pneumatic control system
– upper pneumatic pressure of cut piece
– lateral pneumatic pressure
– tolerance maximum accuracy of material positioning ± 0.5 mm
– touch Screen control panel
side tilt of the table of the saw 8 °
Output Conveyor
– smooth steel table or with rollers of length 2 m (or according to the customer’s request)
– lateral tilt of the input conveyor 8 °

Basic Equipment Functions

1. Individual cut
Manual feeding of the material is done by two buttons or by setting length values on the Touch Screen. Start by foot pedal. Use for individual cuts.
2. Manual mode
There is one value that is set for whole length of the input material. Start is done by foot pedal. The cutting is done automatically for whole material, based on set value. Reverse movement is moved on default value according to length of input material. Usage is also for production of cubes. Advantage is also fast change of values according to frequent variation of input lengths.
3. Automat mode
This mode is adjusted to ensure maximum yield of material by setting of required value that is combined for whole input material length. There is possibility of front cut setting. Reverse movement is moved on default value according to length of input material
Number of lengths in program is 10 (possible choice of lengths of the specified data for the cutting), number of program 20 (10 programs for cutting lengths in fixed order, 10 programs for cutting optimization). Fast and simply program overwriting. high variability. Application for a production of cuts on a wide range of packaging products.

The machine can be operated by one operator in case of usage of feeding conveyor on which the material comes to shorten e.g. from frame saw. Usage of another operator is limited by weigh and amount of feeding material at the machine without traverse loader.
Cross-cut saw capacity
The capacity of production is determined by dimensions of processed material, by its length and by produced assortment. For calculation is used value of maximal pusher feed speed up to 90 m/min. and speed of one cutting time is from 4 – 10 sec. It is processed about 25 m3 of palette boards, or about 25 thousand cubes for palette production. In case of shortening of prisms of the length of 5 m with a diameter 0,2 m3 for one prism is the capacity about 8 m3 of prisms per hour.

Further possible expansion of the machine UKS 1000 Automat
It is possible to complete Automatic cross-cut automat with elements on input and output of the machine.
There is a possibility to use lateral feed chain conveyor at the input table.
There is a possibility to use driven roller conveyors (2 m or 3 m long) with pneumatic ejectors for the packet to the lateral gravitational slip way on the output table.
The output of the machine can be equipped with flight conveyor for chips or cubes cut.

Motor 15 kW
Transportor motorizat in zona de evacuare cu role 350 mm 2m
Transportor motorizat in zona de evacuare cu role 350 mm 3m
Transportor motorizat in zona de evacuare cu role 650 mm 2m
Transportor motorizat in zona de evacuare cu role 650 mm 3m
Sistem de evacuare in lateral a pieselor taiate pentru transportor cu role 350 mm complet cu 2 m de plan inclinat
Sistem de evacuare in lateral a pieselor taiate pentru transportor cu role 650 mm complet cu 2 m de plan inclinat
Masa de evacuare fixa 1 m + transportor cu role libere 2 m
Sistem de optimizare in functie de calitate